Weight Management and Healthy Eating


Most of us have been there...

People over eat or don't eat in a healthy way for many reasons.  Some of those reasons include depression, lack of knowledge, old habits, guilt, body image, taste, and coping.  Except for specific eating disorders, many people consume unhealthy foods because they are trying to "feel" a certain way, an emotional response to something in life.  Rarely is it about nourishment and is more often about self-defense.  Think:  "I just broke up with someone and I need to eat this gallon of ice cream to feel better."

How hypnosis can help...

Because most unhealthy eating isn't about nourishment, hypnosis is very effective because of the emotional aspect of eating.  Hypnosis can help a person to separate the emotional response from the consumption and set the person on a path to good eating habits.

 * DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person and I cannot guarantee specific results.  I provide the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not meant  to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide  information, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping  yourself.